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  • Formula to count cells in a column if box is checked
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    I'm attempting to create a formula that will count the number of cells in a column from range in another sheet, that only includes the cells with a checked box.   In other words, there are two columns to include in the count from my Comm…
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  • Drop-down list
    In Using Smartsheet
    I have a drop-down list of names on my sheet. I need to remove one of the names and add a new name, but I want to keep the list in alphabetical order. I can't find a way to re-order the names in the dialog box where I add the new name.  Do…
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  • Count a Titled Course if there is text in the cell, but not "OTHER"
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    Sometimes more than 1 course is taught at the same location. I am being asked to count the number of courses taught, quarterly.  On rare occasions, a course is not taught and OTHER is entered in that column. (OTHER could mean initial meeti…
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  • I need the sum of random cells in a row
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    Here is my formula, and S/S does not like it.   = [National Instructor 1 Numerator]@row + [National Instructor 2 Numerator]@row + [National Instructor 3 Numerator]@row + [National Instructor 4 Numerator]@row Am I missing something?  I c…
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  • Graphing Data
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hello All, I am trying to build a graph of data and I was hoping someone had some ideas for me. Scenario:  Multiple locations use a form to input data on incidents that occur at their location. The form has them input incident type (from …
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  • Tick a checkbox depending on value of another field
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    I have a multi column Smartsheet that tracks items by date.  Part of the functionality shows the number of days the item has been active:-  =IF(OR([S.Status]5 = 3, [S.Status]5 = 1), TODAY(0) - [Start Date]5) There is also a check box col…
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  • Added information needed on Approval workflow
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    I have many forms - which are requests that need approval.  When I create the approval workflow, it sends 2 buttons - Approve or Decline.  I need more.  I need a NOTES section for when it is denied so that the reason can be recorded on my …
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  • Help with IF(AND) formulas
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    = IF[Instructor 1 Last Name]@row = "" - AND [Instructor Status]@row = "U.S. Instructor" - I need it to count as 1.  Otherwise, 0. What I've written above is what I want to do.  Below is the formula, which gives me the …
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  • Hide Email Address on Webform using Contact List
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    I am trying to find a way on the Smartsheet web form to display the Name from the contact list, but not the email address. This is a public form, and while I want to be able to alert the event coordinator that something has been submitted,…
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  • Is There Really No Built-in Log\NL Function?
    In Archived 2017 Posts
    My team and I are trying to implement our escalation algorithm in smart sheet but it would seem that SS can't compute natural log in formula.  Are we missing something; Why is the SS math library so dumbed down?  Below is the formula in E…
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