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  • Blank Report
    In Using Smartsheet
    I shared a report with a customer. When the customer opens the report it is blank. It doesnt show any of the data? I tried sending a link to the report as well. Still nothing in the report. The customer setup a username and password. Im…
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  • Rich Formatting On "Summary Sheet"
    In Formulas and Functions
    I'm stuck! I am effectively trying to create a Sheet Summary report with conditional formatting, however, I understand that is not an available feature. Instead, I am trying to create a sheet (not a report) with formulas that pull from mul…
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  • Disregarding N/A in Formula
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, I've been using this formula: =IF(SUM(VALUE(RIGHT([Overall Summary Cost]@row, 1)), VALUE(RIGHT([Overall Summary Schedule]@row, 1)), VALUE(RIGHT([Overall Summary Risk]@row, 1))) < 5, "Blue", IF(SUM(VALUE(RIGHT([Overall Sum…
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  • Adding a report to a dashboard with a "Calendar" view vs "Grid" view
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    Hi - I'm trying to add a "Team Vacation Planner" to a Dashboard with a "Calendar" view vs a "Grid" view. No matter what I do, I still get the report in the "Grid" view. Any ideas?? Thanks in advanc…
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  • Printing Grouped Reports
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    I have a report that i have used the new grouping function on and i'm wanting to print it with the group headings but each time i print as pdf or export it only shows the standard cells, without the group headings, is this correct or is th…
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  • Dropdowns in a dashboard, is it possible?
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    I have one sheet that has metrics for a few of my employees, I was hoping there was a way to get the drop down menu function for each employee transferred onto a Dashboard highlighting everyone's metrics. *The drop downs show their total …
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  • How to Alter the "Sheet - IT Ticket Metrics"
    In Formulas and Functions
    I want to alter this sheet, found in the IT ticket Template, to just show the metrics for a specific customer. the original formula looks like this: =COUNTIF({Created Date Range}, IFERROR(YEAR(@cell), 0) = YEAR(TODAY()) - 1) and my attempt…
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  • CONTAINS with Trigger Search
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi all, Thank you in advance for the help. Below is what I am trying to achieve. The columns are as follows: Address and Device Type Explanation: When Device Type contains the word "Coin". This will use the address of the device …
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  • Formula to find the average word used in a column
    In Formulas and Functions
    Hi, Is there a formula I can use to find the average "word" used in a column? For example, I want to find the average of these words from the drop-down list: Cheers! Ann
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  • Merge 2 column names from separate sheets into one in a single report
    In Using Smartsheet
    Hi I want to create a single report that can be circulated on an email that pulls data from 2 separate sheets. In some cases I've been able to align the column headings, for example "Assigned To" is common across both sheets. H…
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