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  • Re: Task Alerts
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    I am wanting to use smartsheet alerts to email me each day with tasks that are due and not completed. However they don't always come through each day despite it having the right set up To do this I use a form to add new tasks and then inc…
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  • Sheet count
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    I have an individual account which allows me 10 sheets. If I decided to delete a sheet after use will that restore 1 back to my remaining sheets???
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  • Calendar View & Booking
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    Hi - our company is looking to hire out a hospitality box in London for a 12-month period that hosts events all year round. We would like internal employees to be able to view the event calendar and to book slots for a specific date where …
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  • Resubscribe user to Automated Workflow
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    Hi   This has been asked in a different way a couple of times. My user accidently unsubscribed to received email notifications. All the community posts say rebuilt the workflow - however, when I try to do that it gives me the following e…
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  • Return Most Recent Date and Other Column Value or Only Flow Most Recent Entry into Sheet per Account
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    I need to be able to return the most recent value for the Created Date column and the corresponding Discussed column text. Currently, I am using an IF, COUNT, MAX, CHILDREN formula that I found on the community to return a MAX date within…
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  • The new prices have stopped FREE USERs to SEND line of a Sheet
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    The new policy has change the rules, Free Users are no more able to send line of a Sheet .  There are some Workspaces where you can ten or more free user who need that to share. And 120€/users is to expansive now to do it. I send 2 reque…
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  • Report not Matching Formula Issue
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    Hi, I have created a report to use on a dashboard for showing the number of job cards to print for our workshop. The report is shown below, and you can see that there are different amount of jobs to be printed for each workshop: You w…
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  • Linking Reports in different sheets
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    hi guys background: I work for an investment management company. Internally we have about 6 different reports that are interlinked in this manner Report 1: the starting point is an events or presentation calender Report 2: the actual pr…
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  • Smartsheet opens with the same view for a user in a group
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    Hello,  We are using and enterprise version of Smartsheet and within several of the Smartsheets we have multiple user/input.  When I open this sheet all of the categories are expanded.  Is there a way to set the sheet so that when I open i…
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  • Update Request Automation
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    Hi there,   I need help please, is it possible to edit a update request? When the update request automation is send, is it possible to only select some of the columns so that the sales personnel not get the whole line's columns but just…
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