Pricing: A La Carte Apps


Smartsheet, you need you allow apps to be added a la carte to Business accounts. Restricting apps to Enterprise is unnecessary. It feels like nothing more than hard-ball sales tactics.

While Smartsheet has helped our business organize our operations team, we are not happy about the divide between Business and Enterprise plans. Currently, to add on apps, like Pivot, you have to be on Enterprise, which isn't cost-effective for a business of our size.

Keeping killer apps and innovations sequestered for the high-rollers is fine, but to treat something as basic as pivot tables like this feels like slimy sales tactics: you know we need them so you keep them for Enterprise grade tiers.

Shopify allows for a la carte apps added onto an account, so, from a technical perspective, this is possible. What is stopping Smartsheet from adopting the same model?

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