Tracking Data / Shared Sheet

Sinema ✭✭
edited 12/09/19 in Smartsheet Basics


I'm really enjoying Smartsheet and glad we decided to go down the path of subscribing. 

While I was getting certified I found so many neat features and my mind just filled with all the things I could probably use various aspects of Smartsheet to accomplish.

I ran into a limitation in my own scope that I'm sure Smartsheet can accomplish.

My goal is to try to import data from a third party site and share specific data from this dump via Smartsheet with our contractor.  Once they complete the job they will just "Complete" the item and we'll be able to see it and continue this process.

I'm trying to streamline this as much as possible.

I've created a sheet and made headers for the information the contractor requires.  I know how to import the data from registration site; however, their data has it's own headers and it contains a lot of information that we just do not need to provide the contractor.

Is there a way to filter this out?  We are also looking into using Zapier as it works with Smartsheet and it might work with the other website we use.

My goal is to have this data update into smart sheet daily, on its own.  Until then, we need to do the import manually, I just do not know how to make it all work together.

If I do an export from the third party site each day and then import it into Smartsheet, it will create a new page.  The problem I am having is manually updating that excel to match the layout I want to keep Smartsheet.  I then have to go through and delete all kinds of columns etc to get rid of excess data.

I then am not sure how I get this data from my team to the contractor and should I be locking fields or will the contractor be able to change the fields?  I want them to be able to write into the columns but only certain fields so I'm assuming we can lock fields in excel.

Anyway, any direction on what I could be reading to create this would be great!