I'm trying to setup a Microsoft Flow to move data from a SharePoint list to a Smartsheet. The problem I'm running into is that the Contact column type in Smartsheet won't accept the "Person" column type data from SharePoint. I continue to get this error:

Value is not supported for this column type.


I have a volunteer submission form which has about 10 columns that exist as just checkboxes on/off - each of these relate to a conference work area and volunteers often select multiple.

To easily view the data for a single person/row without tons of scrolling and looking up and down at column


I have a sheet (The Milestone Sheet) that is made up mostly of cells linked to another sheet (The Schedule). 

The 'start date' column in the Milestone sheet is referencing the 'due date' column in the Schedule. I set the 'duration' column in the Milestone sheet to 0 for every row, which makes the