I would like to capture and freeze the date a drop-down column gets changed to "Picked Up by Customer".  I tried modified date but that field gets changed too often to accurately reflect the state.  Essentially, I want to know how many widgets were issued by date they were issued without

Patrick Bridges


Are there Smartsheet functions for enumerating the predecessors of a row?

I've been prototyping SmartSheets for managing a pretty sizeable research project (multiple FTEs over several years), potentially replacing Asana for group project management. The reporting is nice, as is the combination of



On Smartsheet the report returns all rows. When I export to excel it returns all rows. When I run the connector in Excel, it excludes some rows.

It appears that the rows being excluded have a Text/Number value in column X i.e. D21, whereas the ones being returned just contain a number in column


We have developed a Smartsheet to track event support requests, and I have created a form for our clients to use for the reqeusts.

Is it possible to use the calendar to enter multiple dates in one entry rather than having to refresh the form and enter a request for each individual date?