I have a situation where we teach virtual classes that are each approximately 2- 4 hours in length, start and end at various times each day, and each requires a unique conference phone line dedicated to the class. We can teach as many as 6 to 8 classes in a day, but only have 4 conference


I'm trying to do a VLOOKUP and am getting the result #NOMATCH for all entries.

Essentially I want to look in the Instructor column in Sheet A, check Sheet B and find the Instructor name and return their ID number. The Instructor names are in the first column of Sheet B, like they're supposed to be,


Is there any way to select only specific columns to be included in alert messages that are sent out using the SmartSheet Automation feature?

Currently, I set up an alert. And it displays all of the columns, even if I hide certain columns in the sheet. I'd like to be able to select which columns are


I saw a post in the community at https://community.smartsheet.com/discussion/auto-refreshing-sheetsgrids which had a similar question. But no answer was provided and the last update (from another member) was in Dec. 2018. Again, no response or answer was provided.

I have a sheet, with formulas, to


Hello Smartsheet, and thank you for such a great tool.

One suggestion that would really save me a lot of energy - would/can you default the auto-checking of checkboxes in the list of Attachments in the "Smartsheet for Outlook" plug-in to 'unchecked' please?  (or, alternatively, add a link to