Hello everyone! 

Hoping I can get some assistance from the Gurus around here.

Currently, we have an =IF formula that looks at the Due Date of a project and:

  • if the project is today, it returns THIS WEEK
  • if the project was last week, it returns LAST WEEK
  • if it is next week, it returns NEXT WEEK
  • if it


I am new to Smartsheet and using it to replace old InfoPath forms. One thing I cannot find an elegant solution for is expanding fields/sections. Basically, I want to send an instructor a form that asks which courses they would like to teach next semester. There are hundreds of courses. I will


So i have parent cells and dependencies. The dependencies have color balls (red, yellow, green, grey). Here is what I want:

If one of the dependencies has a red color ball, I want the parent ball color to be red.

If all dependencies have a green ball, I want the ball for the parent to be green



I tried to use index/match to reference multiple columns from a resource sheet. I can't seem to get the formula correct. My table (resource) has a list of teams with start times, parking information, notes, etc. The table includes all the team information.

When I add a name to the new sheet, I


Hi Community,

I'm a smartsheet beginner and hoping I can get some help here.

When I follow the steps to publish a smartsheet calendar to Google calendar, the process seems smooth without any trouble. But somehow when I check my google calendar, there is just nothing. The smartsheet calendar didn't