Template for Tracking Admissions Data

Hello SmartSheet!

I am trying to decide which template to utilize for my admissions data needs. There will be 200-300 students total, and I need to assign them between 5 reviewers. They need to be able to score the student 1-4, leave comments, and mark when their evaluation is complete. How might I organize all this data so that it's clearly earmarked for each separate reviewer?



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    Hi @Justine Andrus Zhao

    I would create a master sheet for admission data and use row ID or some ID number, such as an auto number, to allocate the data to the five reviewers. (Admissions Data in the folder image at the bottom)

    The formula to determine the reviewer is like:

    Reviewer=MOD([Student ID]@row, 5) + 1

    Then, using workflow automation, copy rows to reviewer 1 to 5 sheets based on the Reviewer column value. I use a separate sheet for each reviewer to prevent the reviewer from seeing other reviewers' works.

    Finally, use the row reports to summarize all reviewers' works.

    Please check the published demo dashboard at the following link.

    Admissions Data -> Reviewer 1 to 5 sheet by copy automation -> Reviewer 1-5 Report

    The example below shows only the reviewer 1 and 5 sheets.