Mass Uploads and multi-sheet interaction


Hey all. This is likely a stupid question that has been answered before. None of the searches I have done have had quite the answer I was looking for. I am working my way through the core app learning path, but I haven't found what I am looking for. There are what feel like hints of it, but nothing that has clicked for me. I'm not looking for direct answers, but I wont be upset with them. I'm more than happy is someone could point me in a direction and allow me to dig from there. I tend to learn and retain best with a bit of research and a bit of experimentation.

I am looking to build out a workspace for my team to work from. This would entail multiple exports into excel from different locations. My goal is to then have these imported into Smartsheet source files that gatekeepers on my team can work in. Then I would like to link the cells over into a destination Smartsheet that I can then split specific reports from so that each teammate can work their specific report without needing to bother with the source or destination sheets.

With Excel, I would add the values into the source file, remove any duplicates that populate from week to week, and then use a function to pull that data into what I am calling the destination sheet. This is where I am struggling with Smartsheet, and where I am ultimately going to ask for direction and advice.

When I start pulling items from the initial source upload ( the file I would make available to our process gatekeepers) I link the cell over:

Can this not be converted to a column task instead of a specific cell link? Our inflow will change from week to week and there will not always been the same number of rows.

Is there a way to keep old data intact when importing a whole excel file? This one feels like it has been tickled upon several times within the modules I have been through so far, without anything addressing it specifically. Ideally, my gatekeepers would be able to add their new data to the end of a source sheet and then QA for duplicates from there. Is this possible in Smartsheet? Currently, every time I upload a new test file, I remove all previous data. However, I am new and bumbling about... so.... you know....

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