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For profit education space - any others out there?


Hi there - I work for a for-profit company that runs schools, delivering classes and programs in various industries. This puts me in an interesting cross-section of education. Wondering if there are any others out there in a similar situation and how you've found Smartsheet to be most useful in some of your most common scenarios that you use it for? A lot of my Smartsheet use so far has been centered on building and delivering projects, initiatives and programs focused on growth and expansion. Looking forward to connecting with others!



  • Paula F
    Paula F ✭✭

    Heya, I also work in for-profit education, for a company that provides wraparound services to higher education as well as academic and professional test preparation. I got introduced to Smartsheet as a tool for project and team management when I built courses/courseware, and now I use it for project and program management in the People function, especially to automate workflows, take innovative pilots to scale, and track and report metrics. Happy to meet others in this space!

    Paula L. Fleming, MA, SPHR, PMP

    Senior HR Project and Experience Manager, Kaplan North America

    University of Minnesota Extension Master Gardener 🌻