Calculate amount of days untill deadline and how many days is overdue



Hoping you guys can help!

I'm trying to calculate the days between a desired deadline and today (so kind of a countdown) and in the same field then also count if the task is overdue and by how many days.

so, I was thinking, if it was counting down the days, it would be a positive number and when/if a task is overdue the number would be negative. so, its -3 days overdue... (or the other way around) (only networkdays)

I also need it to stop counting when a checkbox (Done) is checked. :)

I have been trying with a =IF formula but maybe it should be a count.

I can get them to work if it is only counting the days until due date and another counting days overdue date but can't seem to put them together.

Looking forward to hearing from you!





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