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Backup to include Smartsheet formulas

The backup of a sheet should include the actual Smartsheet formulas and not have to implement some type of workaround for the backup. I search and there has been this ask for a couple of years. Sadly, we went to Resource Management and it wiped out all of the formulas in the one column and the formulas cannot be returned.

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  • This is an absolute necessity - the ability to have an actual backup of the system such that you could restore a SHEET, a report, a Dashboard - whatever is needed. And, it should not be the responsibility of each Workspace owner, this should be available across the full customer account.

  • joya
    joya ✭✭

    Completely agree... recently had to recover information on one sheet that had automations tied to several others. The Excel docs available in the Activity Log are not helpful at all (no automations, etc) and didn't even reflect accurate information from a previous day so I don't trust the snapshots anymore either. I ended up using screenshots of the activity log to go through each cell and sheet to reverse the changes Smartsheet made from running an automation incorrectly (also scary... I tested the same automation later and it worked fine). Very frustrating, time consuming, and I will be working with others at my company to see if they have run into similar issues and found a better backup solution. This is a basic feature for any software.

  • LBurg
    LBurg ✭✭

    100% Agree - absolute basic function given the significance of some formulas on business operations.