How to use the COUNTIF formula when you have an OR statement that looks at multiple columns


I am trying to come up with a formula that will calculate how many tasks I have that are either "At Risk", which is a checkbox (flag) column, or has red health, which is a symbol column. I need a formula that does not add the totals of those conditions. For example, if a task is both At Risk and red health, I want that to be counted as 1 instead of 2. The formula I initially started with is:

=COUNTIF([Task Name]:[Task Name], OR([At Risk]:[At Risk] = true, Health:Health = "Red"))

I have tried different COUNTIFS formulas and even tried to use [At Risk]@row and Health@row and it still gave me error each time.

I thought this would be a simple formula, but of course, it isn't.


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