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Hi there,

I am fairly new to Smartsheets and wasn't best with excel but I'm slowly getting the handle of things. I had a question about the SUMIF formula. My company tracks data a little differently so I am having a hard time looking at examples and applying them to my situation.

Basically, I need to create a formula that helps me track the quantity (sum) of doors built in a certain month that fall under a certain "reason". The "reasons" are in their own column, as well as the quantity and the date. I was able to figure out how to find the total sum of the entire list of data, as well as the total sum of each 'reason' on their own, but now I am trying to get it to be a little more specific and this is where I am struggling. Formulas have never been my strong suit. I'm not quite sure what the order should be in the formula as far as: SUM, DATE, REASON.

Any help would be much appreciated! And if you need to me clarify more since this data is a little odd, please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you in advance!


  • David Tutwiler
    David Tutwiler Overachievers Alumni

    No problem KaraMarv. Let's see if this works:

    =SUMIFS(Quantity:Quantity, Date:Date, IFERROR(MONTH(@cell),0) = 1, Reason:Reason, "Specific Reason")

    The way this formula reads is that you define your sum range first. Here I used a column called Quantity. Next, you start to define your IF statements. The first IF I chose was to see if the Date column matched a specific month (1 here being January). Lastly there is an IF statement that looks at the Reason column and looks for "Specific Reason".

    This formula would sum all the Quantities whose date was in January and reason was "Specific Reason".

    You may have to adjust the column names and the specifics that you're searching for, but this formula should be modifiable for your needs.

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