SUMIFS returns no total with one line of data

Tina Rustvold
Tina Rustvold ✭✭✭✭✭
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We are using this SUMIFS and COUNTIFS as part of our caluclations for critical path. They have been working fine for the entire team, except one member who only had 1 project meeting the criteria. Is that why all the forumulas are returning a zero for her? Is there a way to tweak this so any number listed is returned? The count really stumps me because it should at least retrun 1.

=SUMIFS({CP by GL}, {Status 1}, "Live", {IM Type}, "New Program", {IM Lead}, Metric@row, {Go Live}, >=[Y Start]#, {Go Live}, <=[Y Finish]#)

=COUNTIFS({CP by GL}, >0, {Status 1}, "Live", {IM Type}, "New Program", {IM Lead}, $Metric@row, {Go Live}, >=[Y Start]#, {Go Live}, <=[Y Finish]#)


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