Indenting Issue


Does anyone else have the issue where when they indent a row, it deletes the contents of the row above it or the row they indented? How did you resolve this?


  • Lynae

    @Huntjm Is the row above it completely being deleted, or a specific cell data? SmartSheet will automatically roll-up children dates to parent rows. Thus, if you indent and the row below doesn't yet have dates, the cell clears to match the children roll-up data below.

    I've never seen all row data disappear, only date data. If it's all row data, I'd put a support ticket into SmartSheet.

  • Huntjm

    The specific cell data is getting deleted upon indenting the row below it. I put it a support ticket, but while I'm waiting it is impacting the sheets and our additional users. Thank you for giving me the information.

  • Jason Tarpinian
    Jason Tarpinian ✭✭✭✭✭✭
    edited 01/31/23

    If Smartsheet support hasn't gotten back to you yet, I'll try my hand. From what I understand, one of two things is happening:

    1. There are formulas in the header (parent) row that are calculating based on # of children or ancestors, so as you indent and change those values, the formula updates.
    2. You have project settings, like as @Lynae mentioned, will roll up to the parent row. You can edit the project settings. The type of fields these will affect are the predecessors, starts/ends, durations, and % completes.

    Hopefully you can get the situation resolved quickly! If you still need more help, screenshots and more descriptions are always helpful!

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  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @Huntjm

    I agree that screen captures would be helpful! (But please block out sensitive data).

    It would also be useful to know what you see in the cell history for the cells that are turning blank (right click on the cell > cell history), and if you have any conditional formatting set up on this sheet.