Count cells containing text only, excluding text with digits


I need help with a function/formula:

I am looking at counting the number of crew (they are listed by first name) and at the same time exclude any cells with text & digits (names with quantity).

I hope this makes sense - I did some search and cannot find any formula that does the job.

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  • sharkasits
    sharkasits ✭✭✭✭

    @Salèha El D. Is the number always on the right?

    If yes:

    =COUNTIF(Names:Names, IFERROR(VALUE(RIGHT(@cell, 1)), "OK") = "OK")

    If no:

    =COUNTIF(Names:Names, NOT(OR(CONTAINS("0", @cell), CONTAINS("1", @cell), CONTAINS("2", @cell), CONTAINS("3", @cell), CONTAINS("4", @cell), CONTAINS("5", @cell), CONTAINS("6", @cell), CONTAINS("7", @cell), CONTAINS("8", @cell), CONTAINS("9", @cell))))

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