Can I display all the values from a column on one sheet to another?


Hello Smartsheets,

I'm attempting to have a sheet which can display the values of a particular column on "sheet A" to a column on "sheet b." Sheet A's column has repeat information (job names) that associate with different items. So the job name on Sheet A shows up multiple times with different items in different rows. I just want to display the job names on Sheet A into a column on Sheet B once, as a way to keep track of "current jobs." I was trying to use JOIN/DISTINCT/COLLECT to display the job names once in a column. Essentially mirror the values into one column but display them once. But it seems I cannot get this to work. Is it possible? Thanks in advance, I was working with this simple formula currently:


Trying to use this as a column formula to fill the column with the different job names from sheet A.


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