Check Boxes and Cross-Sheet References


Hello Smartsheets Community!

I have possibly a complicated question. I have two sheets, one is essentially a "job log" while the other is an "order sheet" with items for several different jobs. Is it possible to have one box on the job log be checked once all of the items for that job on the order sheet have been checked? As a way to replicate everything has been sourced, so the job can be checked as complete?

I can index/match as such, but it will check off on the job log complete box even if just one item is checked off. But it would need to only check off when all items associated with that job name are checked from the order sheet.

I was using: =(INDEX({Order Confirmed}, MATCH(Job@row, {Jobs}, 0))) in the check box column of the job log currently.

Hopefully that makes sense, I appreciate any input as always! This one has me stumped!


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