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Desktop App - Group Tabs


I'm loving the Desktop App, however, it really needs the ability to group tabs or otherwise keep all my tabs organized. Please add this functionality!

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  • Lekshmi Unnithan

    @Brian R - Thanks for sharing your feedback. I'll pass this along to our Product and Engineering teams.

  • Stephenie

    Hi - I just wanted to come in and echo this request. The desktop application has been great; tab groupings similar to Chrome would be such a great feature to help navigate quickly. Thanks!

  • Rick Olsen
    Rick Olsen ✭✭✭✭
    edited 04/11/23

    The ability to save groups of tabs that could be opened with one click. Chrome/Edge provide for this...

  • John McAlonan
    John McAlonan ✭✭✭
    edited 05/09/23

    I use Edge for Smartsheet because I can group my open tabs into sections, based on the types of sheets. For example, 'Morning Huddle', 'Jobs', 'Timesheets', etcetera. I like have color-coded tabs with names. If the Desktop app had this feature I'd use it.

  • Kyle Chipman
    Kyle Chipman Overachievers

    Throwing in another voice of support for this idea. The notion of grouping tabs could be taken to the next level by batch-launching tabs. This mechanic could be as straightforward as leaning into folders (everything housed within a folder, excluding sub-folders) as the means of controlling the batch launch.