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Hidden as a column attribute

It would be great if we could have a 'Hidden' checkbox attribute added to the Column definition in Sheets (with Name, Column Type, etc.).

In many cases when we have Sheets with multiple helper columns that we would rather be hidden, I find that it is a time-consuming task to re-select the same columns to hide again after they have ALL been UN-hidden. I tend to put the 'meant to be' hidden columns either to the far left or far right of my Sheets (and sometimes shade them in a certain pale colour) to assist in re-identifying which columns need to be hidden (again).

If 'Hidden' was a column attribute (somewhat similar to the on/off toggle column option in Forms), then the right-click column menu items to 'Hide Column' and 'Unhide All Columns' would be replaced by a single option to 'Show/Hide Columns', based on their respective attribute values.

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