Filter Not Showing Results


In a couple of my Smartsheets/Forms, when I try to filter on certain criteria, it's return no data. However, if I just do a "Find" for the same criteria, it locates the information. Has anyone else had an issue where they filter on a column and isn't showing any data but it clearly exists within the column?


  • Randall Alberts CBRE


    I have found to make sure that the condition is to include. I have had team members that are confused at times about the condition to include or not to include. Often times the filter is written to exclude the data that is being requested. A way that I have used to test is to write a filter such as: Site IS equal to "Text". Once this comes up, then I try to further refine to get the results needed.

  • kelly.strom
    kelly.strom ✭✭✭

    Thanks...I'll definitely give this a shot and will offer the suggestion to the other members accessing the data.