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Removing the 100% resource allocation limit


In our projects, we are using a Master Gantt (managed by the project manager) where the resources are generic (like skills) and we would parreciate to have the possibility for a skill to exceed 100% on a task (this would means the task requires more that one person.

This allows us to build an estimate of the resources required (by skills) and keep track of it

The detailed Gantts are Work Packages derived from the Master Gantt activities (and linked to them by a specifically developped automation). The ressources are managed by the Line Managers (or Function Managers) and are actual people from the Team.

Gatheting the information from skill estimates and actual people Time Sheets, we would be able to compare resource planning and actual time spent on the project.

For making this, we just need to have the 100% resource allocation limit removed.

If you are interested in, we can demonstrate this in our project.

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