Is it possible to automate an incoming phone call that opens a corresponding data sheet?


I'm having a hard time explaining what may, very well, be out there right under my nose. It's like I'm asking "Is there an 'electronic typewriter' that lets you type out letters and manuscripts..." IF so, I apologize. My question is, Is there a way that when PERSON A calls...the phone number from PERSON A, triggers the data associated with PERSON A that is in DATASHEETA. When this phone call comes in, the sheet that opens has all the pertinent data that the user would find useful if PERSON A calls. Is this an existing App? Is this something to set up using Zapier? I wanted to check with the Smartsheet community if there is an automation that would do this. Thanks for any ideas or guidance. (Backstory: I am a director of a non-profit. I am involved with over 200 people, all of whom may call at certain times, when they call, I'd love a way wherein their data/info pops up with the phone call so I can answer and have the info at hand.)


  • Ray Lindstrom
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    Smartsheet does not support this natively / on it's own.

    You would have to write a program to do that, and hook into the smartsheet API. It would also link to your telephony system to capture the phone number.

    Then you would have to do a look up in your own database to see which user account is associated with that phone number, so it would know which smartsheet to navigate to.

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