What is the Default data type for "auto-numbers"


I've created a "Client Database" using a sheet. We had 400+ rows of details input via an upload during the setup. Subsequent clients are added via a Form and the new client number is assigned via "auto number".

In our project portfolio sheets I am using a Index Match formula to pull client groups and client name instead of manually inputting those details across sheets. Essentially, staff should just input the Client number (referring to the client database number) and those details will auto-populate.

The formula has worked for all 400+ clients so far but when I try to reference this new client i get a "#No Match". Another thing I noticed, When sorting my client database via client number in ascending order the auto number client is 5100, and I have a client with number 9999. The client with 5100 always sorts to the last number and is listed after 9999 it should be listed before 9999.

Has anyone experienced this?


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