Adding a Search Function to a Form to update data in a Sheet

I am new to SmartSheet. We will mostly be using one large sheet with client data. I have a person or 2 that will update information in a row, only updating a small number of fields (columns).

Can I create a form that will allow them to open the form, search for a name from the main sheet, choose the right name from a list or possible choices, then populate the form with that person's data, then allow the person to update info in the remaining fields or add info to blank fields.

Would a report be better? Would a sheet be a better? The sheet is ok, if they are updating data on 10 people, but what if they have just one row of client data to update. I hope this make sense?



  • Stefan
    Stefan ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Hi @Jeff Kline ,

    without knowing how big "large" is and if those updates to rows are erratic or if there is a repeating scheme, I'd say look at:

    • either simply the search function (you can also limit it by e.g. selecting the column with the persons name)


    • use reports (they can be used as kind of an input mask for the large sheet) to break the large sheet down; but only if you could use them multiple times

    There are also filters that you can define, but these also only make sense, if there are groups that you frequently work on.

    Hope this helps a bit!



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