Change cell value automation not triggering automoatically

I am trying to change copy a cell value when another condition is met.

The workflow I have setup works if I run the workflow manually but it doesn't trigger automatically.

I am clicking save and refreshing etc. The only way it works is to do it manually. This isn't an option as I will probably have 50 of the same automation as there will be lots of categories.


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  • Julie Fortney
    Julie Fortney Overachievers
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    Hi @Benji241. If you are able to trigger a workflow manually but it doesn't trigger automatically, check your trigger. In this case, your trigger is set to update the Status when a row is changed and the Status changes to "Not Required."

    Instead, try this trigger:

  • Ipshita
    Ipshita ✭✭✭✭✭✭
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    Hi @Benji241 -

    I think your workflow is contradicting itself - because your trigger and action are the same in this case. How do you update Status when you are asking the workflow to use Status as the basis? Instead I would suggest, create your workflow like this -

    When rows are added or changed -

    Any field - changes

    Run workflow - when triggered

    Conditions -

    when Select the "Category" column

    is one of "Retaining Walls"

    Action -

    Change cell value in

    Select column - Status - "Not Required"

    Hope this works! Let me know...

    Cheers! :)

    Ipshita Mukherjee