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I am looking for some advice on how to use a IF statement on a template that my team will use, but it needs to be set up part-way in the template.

For example, I want the column Quantity Budgeted to show a different number based on the selection in the Group column.

If the group column is Apple, I want Quantity Budgeted to show 4.00

If the group is Banana, The Quantity Budgeted to show 7.00

The # that will show is going to be different each time someone uses the template. That is what will be on a case-by case basis.

ALSO, there is another column that is using the number being populated in the Quantity Budgeted column.

Quantity Remaining column = Quantity Budgeted column minus Quantity (per month) column.



  • Mike TV
    Mike TV ✭✭✭✭✭✭


    You need to learn Nested IF statements and SUM statements:

    Instead of SUM, you can also do something like:

    =[Quantity Budgeted]@row-[Quantity (per month)]@row

  • RGarrels
    RGarrels ✭✭✭✭

    Thank you. I made the following formula:

    =IF(UOM@row = "MONTH", "3.00", IF(UOM@row = "PLAN", "1.00", IF(UOM@row = "STUDY", "1.00", IF(UOM@row = "MEET", "2.00", IF(UOM@row = "REVIEW", ""6.00", IF(UOM@row = "VENDOR", "2.00", IF(UOM@row = "VISIT", "1.00", IF(UOM@row = "LAB", "1.00", IF(UOM@row = "QUARTR", "11.00", IF(UOM@row = "REPORT", "1.00", IF(UOM@row = "EA", "204.00", IF(UOM@row = "TRANSF", "12.00", IF(UOM@row = "IMAGE", "1224.00", IF(UOM@row = "SAP", "1.00", IF(UOM@row = "TLF", "7.50", IF(UOM@row = "TABLE", "35.00", IF(UOM@row = "LIST", "5.00", IF(UOM@row = "FIGURE", "2.50", IF(UOM@row = "TFL", "INPUT")))))))))))))))))))

    But it's coming back #UNPARSEABLE

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