calculate length between the Date of Event column and two other columns

OshaK ✭✭✭✭✭

I need to calculate the interval in days (and the average) between the 'Date of Event' column which gets submitted by a user in the form and the Dates the submission was made.

  1. Column "Recorded Date (original from Qualtrics)" - data was entered manually for the retroactive data (since we rolled it over from Qualtrics) in one column.
  2. Going further, we would like to calculate the same interval in days between the 'Date of the Event' and the 'Date Created' column which is automatic from SS (these dates are all the same since we rolled data on a single day.
  3. Or, is there a way to manually edit the 'Date Created' column and merge 'Recorded Date' into it?
  4. If we calculate the interval between the 'Date of the Event' and those two columns, is it possible to chart it on a single chart and calculate the common average?

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