Nested IF Statement with OR and AND functions

Hello, I am trying to create a nested IF statement. The formula is fed by two columns Status and End Date. The formula should return that IF status is one of "Completed" or "Adoption/Sustain" AND the end date column has a date (any date) then return "Yes" if true. I keep getting Unparseable or Circular Reference errors.

The current formula I have is =IF(OR(AND([End Date]@row]),Status@row = "Completed",Status@row="Adoption/Sustain"),[TEST Regulatory Controls Verified]@row = "Yes")


  • Kelly P.
    Kelly P. ✭✭✭✭✭✭

    Try placing the formula below into your "TEST Regulatory Controls Verified" column. It should populate that column with "Yes" if the status is either "Completed" or "Adoption/Sustain" AND "End Date" is a date. It will populate the column with "No" if the conditions aren't met. You can substitute "" for "No" in the formula to leave the cell blank if the conditions are not met.

    =IF(AND(OR(Status@row = "Completed", Status@row = "Adoption/Sustain"), ISDATE([End Date]@row)), "Yes", "No")

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