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My Calendar data sheet has a contact list column, but it does not seem to populate in the calendar app when trying to add an event. It seems to only populate drop down menus that are NOT contact lists. Can you help? Thanks!


  • Genevieve P.
    Genevieve P. Employee Admin

    Hi @FlyFlip

    Contact Columns will appear in the Calendar App as emails from the Contact. The Calendar is unable to display the contact type of value, if that makes sense.

    However you should be able to either display these emails on your cards or have the contact list in the panel to adjust values. Keep in mind that values will need to be entered as email addresses in the Calendar App, which will then populate the underlying sheet with the correct Contact.

    For example, if I have this Contact Column added as something to show on the side (Column 2):

    Then it should appear in the panel with Emails to choose from:

    This should be the same for when you're adding a new event or selecting a new Contact for a current event. Are you seeing something different? If so, could you provide screen captures of your underlying sheet and what you're seeing in the Calendar, but please block out sensitive data.



  • FlyFlip
    FlyFlip ✭✭

    Thank you @Genevieve P. for your input and solutions. You are awesome!

    It is unfortunate that the contact list does not populate because I think it would be the most efficient way to add contacts directly from the Calendar App to the underlying sheet.