How to fix INVAID DATA TYPE, referencing start and end dates, & duration to calculate % complete


I am using a project sheet with the formula below to calculate the % complete based on the duration of the task, and start and finish dates. However, if there are not dates in the start and finish column I am getting an INVALID DATA TYPE error. I've tried using IFERROR in my equation but I cannot get it to work. I plan to share this sheet for others to fill in and would like to get rid of the error message. Please help.

=IF(Start@row <= TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS(Start@row, MIN(TODAY(), Finish@row)) / Duration@row, 0)


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  • Samuel Mueller
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    @KristyQu thank you for sharing that. And I apologize I misread your questions. Try this -

    =if(or(start@row="",finish@row=""),"",IF(Start@row <= TODAY(), NETWORKDAYS(Start@row, MIN(TODAY(), Finish@row)) / Duration@row, 0))


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