Multiple Approvers, Different Cells


I currently have an automation that goes through 3 different sets of approvers, one after another. In the automations, I have assigned a specific person to approve after the last... But what I need is for the approval request to go to all 3 people at the same time, and their response recorded in their own column.

For example, I select "Sent for Approval" which triggers my automation. Once customer service approves, this then moves onto Accounting and then Operations (once Accounting approves) and then the Director once Operations approves.

What I need is once customer service approves, the request to go to Accounting, Operations, and the Director at the same time. Then, once the Accountant approves, the column for Accounting updates to Approved and so on... But I can only seem to make the automation work if the Accountant approves first, then it moves to Operations. I tried to add a column to select all three approvers and then record the approver action in the respective columns instead of one column through the workflow, but it doesn't give me that option.