How to use a predecessor without resetting the date?

For example, item 1 and 2 on a schedule. Item 2 will start while item 1 is still going on, but will get pushed back if item 1 gets pushed back. Anytime I use a predecessor, it resets item 2's start date to the day after item 1 is complete. However, item 2 will start before item 1 is complete. I need a predecessor to reflect that when item 1 gets pushed back a day or two, item 2 will as well.

Is this possible?


  • Ipshita
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    edited 02/17/23

    @agriffi7 - try using a combination of predecessors and duration under such circumstances. We have a similar situation where some tasks start at the same time, task 1 starts later than task 2 and vice versa in some cases so just having predecessors doesn't always helps - here is a screenshot of how we do it -

    to the left we have our task names, as you can see some tasks on the top have start dates in October 2023 while tasks at the middle have start date in May 2023.. we modify these dates using duration and not predecessors while others have a combination of both and we use predecessors like FinishFinish, StartFinish etc.

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    Ipshita Mukherjee