How to make sure 1 workflow takes precedence over another.

Is there a way to make one workflow have precedence over another? In conditional formatting you can have it so when two rules are activated, one takes precedence over the other - can the same be done with workflows?

The answer seems like an obvious "yes" as you can create conditions and decide what triggers a workflow, but that can get tricky. For example, when a row gets moved into a different sheet, there may be 2 workflows activated, and the order they go in is very important. If Workflow A activates, then the row moves out of the sheet before Workflow B has time to modify it. But B may not have to modify it, so you don't want to set it up so that Workflow A only works if B has activated, otherwise items may get stuck. You just need to make sure if both workflows are triggered, that B always happens before A.

Any thoughts/suggestions? I feel like the answer is simple/easy, but I'm missing it somehow.


  • ro.fei
    ro.fei ✭✭✭✭✭

    @Tailoring Manager Hey, I recommend checking out this discussion about how precedence of workflows operates in Smartsheet. While that's great for context, the long & short of it is that the precedence will change based on how recently certain workflows were saved. In my experience, the easiest way around this is to add conditions to your workflows so they only run when certain conditions are met. If you provide more context as to what you're trying to do I may be able to provide more specific advice, but hopefully this helps! Feel free to @ mention me if you'd like some additional help 😊

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