DataMesh - Add More Target Sheets to Existing Configuration

What are the steps to add more sheets to Step 2 - Select Target Sheet(s) to an existing configuration. I've clicked the gear, clicked previous but cannot get back to the Step 2 to add more target sheets.

Help please or is this not an option for this feature?

Thank you!



  • Julio S.
    Julio S. Moderator

    Hi @Gladys Liley ,

    Once a configuration is saved in DataMesh, it is not possible to edit the source and target sheets for that particular configuration. It is indeed possible to select multiple target sheets (by holding the Control or Command key while selecting) are you intend but you would need to create a new configuration. Maybe you can recycle the parameters from your current configuration and simply re-utilizing them in the newer version of the configuration.

    I hope that this can be of help.