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Display all series in the legend for Pie & Donut Charts even when the value is 0

ro.fei ✭✭✭✭✭

Currently the legends for Pie & Donut Charts will not display a series in the legend if the value is 0. All other chart types do, but Pie & Donut do not for some reason. This is really frustrating when creating dashboards, because if/when the value updates to a non-zero amount the series colors get all wonky & you have to go in to fix the dashboard. This should be fixed.

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  • Box2105
    Box2105 ✭✭✭✭

    Suggests adding a thin line in donut and pie charts for when a data series is zero. This same line should be able to represent more than one data series that are zero. In the case of all data series being zero, present the donut or pie with the thin line representing all of the data series being zero and gray out the non-data series space to still show the shape of a donut or pie (like a placeholder).

    This will allow the donut or pie to not be broken when a data series goes to zero, which it does today. Also, customizations of series colors would no longer be lost from a data series going to zero. And, maybe allow setting a custom color when the current data for the series is zero (new dashboard and real data not yet loaded).

    Test this with a donut or pie showing the percent of cells that are red, yellow, green, or gray and one of the colors is currently zero (example scenario: One of my project budgets is coded red at this time and several are yellow, but most are green. One is gray but that project has not been funded yet.)