COUNTIFS Formula help in sheet summary


I currently have one field in my sheet summary which calculates the current project week.

I also have one which calculates the number of tasks in the current week with the below formula, linking a column to my summary field showing the week number tasks are completed:

=COUNTIFS([Projected Week Work Complete]89:[Projected Week Work Complete]932, =Week#)

I want to add another criteria to the above, based on one column in my sheet, which shows a due date for tasks. I want to formula to count the tasks projected to complete that matches the current week in my sheet summary (already working), but also add the criteria that the due date column isn't blank.

I tried this formula but get incorrect argument set:

=COUNTIFS([Projected Week Work Complete]89:[Projected Week Work Complete]932, =Week#, [Due on]77:[Due on]932, <>"")

Is the error due to the date format in my due column or something else?



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