A Message from Smartsheet President & CEO, Mark Mader

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Recently Smartsheet President and CEO, Mark Mader shared a post about unlocking your competitive edge with work management.

Read what Mark had to say on the topic and join us in a discussion via the comments below. Reflect on the statement, "How work gets done has become more important than when or where work gets done". Do you agree? Why or why not? Share your experiences and thoughts. Did the pandemic impact your view and if so, how?

"To stay competitive in today’s market, business leaders must rethink how work works. To gain an edge, this exercise must go beyond navigating work schedules and locations. How work gets done has become more important than when or where work gets done. This is true whether leaders are looking to drive revenue, reduce costs, or mitigate risk across the business.

Companies that innovate around how work is done will have an outsized advantage. This requires new expectations, new processes, and new technology.

A key to success in the coming year will be elevating collaborative work management (CWM) tools beyond team-centric task management to a consistent, connected platform for work management at scale. Here’s what business leaders need to consider as they assess, or reassess, collaborative work management tools in the coming year." Read more here.


  • Alison Clancy
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    "How work gets done has become more important than when or where work gets done." SO TRUE. I think this was true even in the beforetimes, but it's just been more proven since the pandemic. Things like workspaces and timezones don't roadblock teamwork if you have the right processes in place.

  • Stacey Carrasco
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    💯🙌 finally!!! Agree whole heartily with Mark's article and quote.

    So important to continue this discussion until management and administrators start to understand the benefits. It's hard to comprehend how some continue to challenge this idea given the success through the pandemic. So grateful that CEOs continue to hold these discussions until industries begin to implement for all; where it becomes the norm instead of the request from employees.

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  • vh.
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    Clear message, thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks @Mark Mader for this great article. I agree that Where work gets done is less important to most other aspects of the work we are all involved in. The pandemic has certainly demonstrated this fact. The How is the most interesting aspect, mainly due to the rapidly evolving technology space. The how also directly affects the classic project management (PM) triangle of Time, Quality and Cost (When, What & How Much). This is what makes Smartsheet so valuable as it's functionality encourages innovation that can continually look at improving all three aspects of the PM triangle, allowing organizations to more easily keep up with the latest trends in technology and new business practices. Smartsheet for me encourages business improvements via improving implementation practices, including keeping costs down.