grant permission to view or edit individual sheets but not entire workspace -is that possible?

I run a science research lab with many projects and a handful of staff/students. I want to have a workspace for each project. Inside of each project I want to have multiple sheets, some related to activities and some to financials, and maybe a report or two. I want to give relevant users permissions to view or edit relevant sheets (e.g. activities sheet) within a workspace, but not all sheets (e.g. financials). For example, Jane and John should have permission to view and edit entire workspace for Project_Dopamine, but Bob should only see and edit the sheet Dopamine_experiment1, but not Dopamine_finances sheet (both are inside workspace Project_Dopamine). Is this possible? If not, how should I structure this to make it as streamlined as possible? (I really like the idea of workspace=project but I want to have differential permissions). Thanks!