Column changing to "Date" column automatically even when saved as "Text/Number"

I believe I have discovered a new bug that I wanted to pass your way, unless you know of this as intended functionality…

Currently, I have a columns that contains dates, in format MM/DD/YYYY and sometimes MM-DD-YYYY 00:00:00. Now, I have made sure to change this column to “Text/Number” as I have a Power Automate flow that creates a new row via the Power Automate/Smartsheet connector. With this, however, the field continues to save as “Date” field, and continues to break the sync with Power Automate (see screenshot of error below). I’ve noticed when I reload the page, for instance, given an hour, sometimes less, it will automatically be switched to date again. Thoughts?

Is the team aware of this issue? Is there a current workaround?