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I'm pretty positive I know the answer the questions - I'm just hoping I'm wrong.

Our organization is new to Dynamic View and we're starting to do some internal testing before pushing out a process to the rest of the team. There's a few critiques that have been made by multiple users and I'm hoping there's something we can do to address them.

  1. The font in the Details Pane is small and difficult to read. Obviously we can set the browser to be zoomed in more to enlarge the text - but there are a number of individuals that would require a lot of handholding to make this change, then reverse it. Comparing the font size to other products, it seems like this is around size 8 (quite small!)
  2. Check boxes are very faint and difficult to see. Depending on the monitor being used, the square for a non-filled checkbox can be very hard to see.

I agree with both these critiques, as I could see how they could both be accessibility issues to those with poor eyesight. Unfortunately, I've been unable to find anyway to resolve them. I know that I can adjust formatting on the main screen of Dynamic View, but these items would be in the details pane.

Any tips or direction would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!


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