Creating and Sharing Dashboards

Hello Community!

I am starting to get really good at creating dashboards, but wanted to chat about best practices. I can foresee the need to create externally facing dashboards for our customers but wondering what the best way to do that is so that it doesn't become super time consuming.

  • Is it best to create a copy of the internal project dashboard and then modify the source sheets / reports?
  • Can I simply hide some of the information on the underlying sheets / reports and then create a copy of the dashboard to then share with customers?
  • Is there a fast / easy way to share with customers? What is the best practice?
  • Is there a best practice for this following example: let's say I have Toys R Us as my customer, but they have 20 stores they want to onboard. Is it best practice to have one workspace per store but then on the dashboard the customer can see a rollup of how each store is doing at a high level?

I think that's it for now. Thank you!