Smartsheet to Excel automated exports (40+ reports)

Hi all,

i'm looking for a solution for automated export of reports from our 14 data sheets. Sheets are very big - 50 columns, ~100k - 300k cells. We need to generate specific 40 excel files filtered on 2 - 3 parameters (with a specific structure, i.e. First row of data starting on 8th row of excel file, specific heading colors, etc. ). And we need to do it automatically every month.

Before that, we had like 6 reports which we integrated Smartsheet - Excel Power Queries, which required manual loading of 6 sheets, however now we need 40! which is excessive manual work. Has anybody got a solution for these kind of exports or have any idea how to achieve them? Zapier is not a solution, because it would require lots of data editing (column switching, date format changes), and it would take ~20 steps to achieve one report.

Any ideas appreciated. Thank you.