how to change a cell value when a new row is added

Hi I am trying to use a workflow that changes the value in a cell when a new row is added. This cell is already on a row in the sheet when the new row is added. I have hit a road block as when I set the trigger for when rows are added it does not change the value in the cell so I am guessing the workflow only runs on that newly added row. Is there a way to make the workflow run on the entire sheet without doing so manually


  • haley brianne
    haley brianne ✭✭
    edited 03/01/23

    This will only run when a new row is added, unless you select the trigger as "When rows are added or changed".

    A way to make it run without manually doing it all is to copy & paste the row.

  • ross chambers
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    Hi @haley brianne I want it to run when a new row is added, there won't be any changes to any other cells or rows as this is on a secondary sheet so rows will be moving in and out. How I want it to work is when a form is filled in, it creates a new row on this secondary sheet. this would trigger the workflow to change the value on the bottom row and this would trigger another workflow to move this row to a different sheet to start workflows there since workflows cant start from cross sheet formulas. Copy and pasting would still have to be done manually

  • I am not sure if I am understanding correctly.

    If you have the form built in sheet 1, set up an automation so that anytime a new row is added for it to either copy or move the row over to sheet 2. If you want an automation to run to change a cell on sheet 2, the automation needs to live in sheet 2.

    I'm aware that copy & pasting is manual. I recommended that if it didn't run properly for 1 previous submission:)

  • ross chambers
    ross chambers ✭✭✭✭

    @haley brianne ok I didnt really explain it to well so ill just say what the process should be.

    Form 1 is filled out and this adds a row to Sheet1, the data from that form is shown on a dashboard along with Form 2 which data goes onto sheet 2, this data is then shown on another dashboard with form 3 and that data goes on sheet 3. I need to have all the data on a single row on sheet 1 which is then moved to a final sheet. I had all this working with vlookup formulas and some automation but had forgotten that i need to keep the attachments from form 1 which messed it all up for me. Thanks for taking the time to get back to me