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Smartsheet Chart Lab as a Widget in Smartsheet Sights

Hi Smartsheet people, I am experimenting the Smartsheet Software and it would be great (in my opinion, up to now, is the only important feature missing in the Smartsheet) if you implement Smartsheet Chart Lab as a Widget in the Smartsheet Sights...


Best regards.

Smart Chart Widget.PNG


  • I think this would be wonderful as well. I was asked to do some Smartsheet Sights for my team and one thing they really wanted to see were pie charts that updated automatically; not static ones that I have to manually maintain.

  • Hi all—

    Our Product team is currently exploring a charts type of feature. When you have a moment, please submit your specific use cases for this (including the data you'd like involved in the charts, types of charts you'd like to see, etc.) using the Product Enhancement Request form under Quick links on the right of the community site.
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