JQL query is working in Jira but Not in Smartsheet Connector -RESOLVED

Glenn Garrison
Glenn Garrison ✭✭✭
edited 03/06/23 in Add Ons and Integrations

RESOLVED - I am trying to use JQL to pull stories from Jira that meet the correct criteria. I need to use a text function to pull those that start with "APC"

This query works in Jira

project = 'AS' and (project = "AS" AND "Forcasted Release[Version Picker (single version)]" ~ "APC *") order by id

Yes there is a typo on Forecast but that is the name of the Jira field.

When I add this to "Forcasted Release[Version Picker (single version)]" ~ "APC *" to JQL area in the connector it shows the full JQL query as

project = 'AS' and ("Forcasted Release[Version Picker (single version)]" ~ "APC *") order by id

The connector automatically adds the project info.

When I run the connector nothing is return to Smartsheet.

Any suggestions or tips are appreciated. I am sure I'm missing something.