Is there a setting to stop unsolicited sales emails

Kyle Morgan
Kyle Morgan ✭✭✭✭✭
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It seems that every several months, Smartsheet is assigning us a new "Account Executive".

With this new Account Executive comes the standard form-letter introduction. I have rec'd so many, I can recite them by heart.


"Hi <employee name>,


My name is <new person> and I lead the account team that manages the relationship between <my company> and Smartsheet. 


I'm here to advise you and your team on how best to take advantage of Smartsheet. Whether that’s expanding the way the platform is used, discussing additional use cases and functionality, or utilizing some of our new training and solution-building resources. 


I'd love to connect in the next few days to learn more about your business, how you use Smartsheet, and offer some ideas for optimizing your usage to get more value out of our solution.


Thank you, and looking forward to hearing from you!

-<new Executive>


Every time a new person is assigned to our account I begin rec'ing numerous inquiries from our employees asking me "what is this?" - "what am I to do with this?" - "why is this person reaching out to me?" on and on.

Usually, this has been limited to our Licensed Users. However, it seems that now ACTIVE users are rec'ing these messages. At present, we have close to 100 Active users on our account and I do not think it appropriate for Smartsheet to reach out to every person on our account and ask them how we use Smartsheet. Simply put, not everyone in our organization has that knowledge.

I am the Main Contact for our company's account. I do NOT want Smartsheet reaching out to our employees and asking questions regarding our usage.

Is there a global setting in the Admin Center that I can make to let Smartsheet know that all inquiries should be made to the registered account email address? I would really like to be able to stop the random sales pitches to our employees.

We just renewed and upgraded our account this month and I just spent the last 2 months explaining to my last rep how we utilize Smartsheet. For the record, we have an incredibly complex system set up and this was a rather arduous task in itself. So now, I renewed, upgraded, paid our annual fee and now my account is handed to someone else that has no knowledge of our usage. I have been using Smartsheet for so long, I do not remember exactly how long it has been. 7? 8? years? Longer?

I realize that we are not Smartsheet's biggest account but, it would be nice to be able to have a bit of stability with my contacts.

According to my latest contact "...To give you some context, at the start of our new fiscal year at Smartsheet, we all inherit new accounts so every Smartsheet customer receives a new Account Executive at the beginning of February. This is a practice that is common at many tech companies, but I understand that it can be an inconvenient process for customers."

I will be submitting a product enhancement request....