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REMOVE - "Open source report to view more" on dashboards

When in dashboards, the green button that says "Open source report to view more" is a total pain in my a**. Please make it go away. It does NOT need to go there. We did without it for years, so I have no idea why someone had the brilliant idea that we want that displaying on our dashboards. Of course EVERYONE knows that you can click on things to go to the source report. We don't need that. It is a visual eyesore. Please get rid of it. Or at least give us a way to turn it off.

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  • rfeick
    rfeick ✭✭✭

    Currently, if the rows in a report is greater than the maximum number of rows to display on the corresponding report widget on the dashboard a Open Source Report to View More button automatically appears in the bottom left corner of the widget and obscures the view of the data. The button appears regardless of what the widget behavior is set to. The button cannot be turned off or removed and the widget must be resized to get it to stop obscuring data. It would be useful if this button could be turned off especially in cases where the difference in display rows to report rows is intentional.