How to block weekly slots

I am working on a form that needs to be submitted by the whole department every Friday. How can i get this form be prepopulated with weekending date when its opened that week. For example, i open the form and its automatically defaulted to Friday's date. Then next week i open the form and its automatically prepopulated with that Friday's date.


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    To have this date get prepopulated on the form, you would need to use a custom URL for the form that you send out each week. If that would be ok, I could walk you through creating a sheet that would generate that custom URL each week and send it out to your department automatically. This doubles as a reminder for them to complete the form.

    The other way would be to populate the weekending date on the sheet when the entry gets submitted instead. There are several ways to do, either by using the Created date, or using record a date automation to add the current date to new rows, and then performing some calculations or lookups to get the weekending date.


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