Using intake to Portfolio readout for two different use cases


Hello. I'm a new user and started with the PMO template. We are using an intake. However, not all of our intake items turn into a project. They may be short duration 'just do it' type of requests. Others are major projects that we will receive or put in an intake ourselves based on corporate deliverables. I was curious if anybody has figured out how to manage that? Since not everything turns into a project, I'm not sure if we should just manage short duration items out of the intake sheet, create a single 'project' that houses all the short duration adhoc items as milestones or how to approach. I want to, however, be able to track all items (project or otherwise) through the portfolio dashboard if possible. Checking to see if anybody has come up with a solution for a similar model intake. Thank you in advance!


  • Sareed34
    Sareed34 ✭✭✭

    ·        Enterprise

    o  Affects multiple departments, more than $100k, and more than 6 months in duration

    ·      Operational

    o   Only required IT

    resources, less than $100k and under 6 months

    ·   Project Lite

    o   May or may NOT include

    resources outside IT, under $50K and less than 6 months.

    ·        Other

    o  Does not fall in other categories. We use this to scope out the project while being able to report to Leadership the potential need for funds and or resources while we gather additional info.

  • TellezMJ

    Thanks, @Sareed34 . It's not really a question of how to organize projects versus non-projects. More so that the template assumes everything turns into a project. If it's small and doesn't have milestones and timeframes like a traditional project, how are people treating them and how can I make sure they get included in the overall reporting for the portfolio. Thanks!